Research and Consultation activates

Research Grants Received

Organization Offering the Grant

Project title


World Health Organization (WHO), India

Iron Removal Plant

1986 to 1989


Status of Water Supply and Sanitation Situation in Urban Slums and Fringes in Bangladesh



Removal of Arsenic from ground Water



Development of Matuail LandFill Site



Professional Work at National and International Levels:
Recent Consultancy, Design and Advisory Service Rendered
through the Bureau of Research, Testing and Consultation, BUET: ,

The above consultancy work include:
a)     Review of the existing water supply system including distribution system.
h)     Study for residential and non residential water demand.
c)     Contamination study of the road side reservoir and distribution system.
d)     Design of water  treatment units.
e)     Design of water Distribution System.

Work Involved:
a)     Planning of industrial wastes sampling technology and precautions.
h)     Sample preservation and guidance to laboratory analysis.
c)     Analysis of 100 sewage samples from different industries of Bangladesh.