BUET, Dhaka

24th December 1997 to to-date

Associate Professor

BUET, Dhaka

27th November 1994 to December 23, 1997

Assistant Professor

BUET, Dhaka

3rd October 1985 to 26th November 1994


BUET, Dhaka

8th June 1981 to 2nd October 1985

Contribution to the Department Other Than Teaching and
Research already stated above during the period under review
a)         Curriculum Improvement:   Involved as resource person in the curricula development activity of International Training Network (ITN), in Bangladesh, since January 1997 to date.
b)         Laboratory Development: Involved in developing Arsenic test system in Environmental Laboratory. Installation of different new purchased instruments in the Environmental Laboratory. Inventory of Environmental Engineering Lab. in 1995. Installation of Testing Apparatus for determining Fineness of Cement in the Concrete Laboratory.
c)         Production of teaching Aids:
Formulated a complete set of course materials for the course of CE 6304 (Theory of Sewage Treatment) at Master Level.
d)         Staff development:
As a resource person in the International Training Network (ITN), Bangladesh involved in staff development activities of different BITs, NGOs and Poly Technique Institutions, WASA, DPHE.

Member-Secretary, Board of Postgraduate Studies, Dept. of Civil Engineering, BUET. From Feb. 1991 to June 1993.
Tabulator, Postgraduate studies, Dept. of Civil Engineering, BUET, From Feb. 1991 to June 1993.
Tabulator, 4th year students, Dept. of Civil Engineering, BUET, 1994.
Member, Undergraduate Board of Studies of Department of Civil Engineering.
Member, Postgraduate Board of Studies of Department of Civil Engineering.
Member, Bureau of Research, Testing and Consultants of Department of Civil Engineering, BUET.

Contribution to the University Administration during the period under review:

From September 2008 to 2011

            May 1996 to Sept. 2000
Nature of work: Advising the Vice-Chancellor of BUET in different aspects of Civil Engineering related construction, maintenance etc. which helps to make his decisions. Guiding Engineering Sections of BUET in their works. Inspecting the project sites occasionally. Checking Bill of Quantities prior to Tender and Work Order. Checking estimation of bill of payments of Civil Engineering Projects. Making liaison with other advisers of the Vice-Chancellor of BUET. Making contact with Senior Faculty Members of Civil Engineering Department for design purposes of Civil Engineering related projects. Appraising the Quality of Civil Engineering works of BUET.


b)    Hall Administration (mention period including position held):

c)        Chairman/ Member of Committees formed by University Authority, Syndicate, Academic Council, Finance Committee, Committee for Advance Studies & Research, Boards of Studies, etc. (mention period, name of the committee, etc.):

(i)    To investigate the negligence of doctors and others for the cause of death of a student of Titumir Hall in 1992. (Complete report was submitted).

(ii)  To investigate the attack ofV.C's house by unruly mob in 1993 (Complete report was submitted).
(iii) To investigate the misbehaviour of a student of Ahsanullah with a staff in 1994 (Report was submitted).
•    Member, BUET Market Committee for management and development since 1995 to 2010.& 2013
•    Chairman, Procurement Sub-Committee of Nirman Committee of BUET since 1995.
•    Member, Procurement Sub-Committee of Nirman Committee of BUET in 1994.
•    Member, Garage Committee of Dhakeshari residential area, BUET 1997.
•    Chairman of the Evaluating Committee of Dhaka
Metropolitan Development Plan (1995 to 2015). for BUET campus only.
•    Member of a Sub-Committee of Convocation 1997 .